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On behalf of my Organisation

If you want to Report an Occurrence on behalf of your Organisation, click on the 'Continue' button under the 'I report on behalf or my organisation' section

report on behalf my organisation

The system displays a new page where the User has to fill several steps to send a Report

Select State

After choosing wether to report on personal behalf or on behalf of the Organisation the User has to select the state to report the Occurrence

select state


Once you have selected a State, you can see your selection, and you can change it by clicking on the  'pencil' icon

Sign in / Register or Anonymous

The User will be able to log into the portal or report anonymously. This option will only be available if the National Authority allows it.

The benefits of sign in will reporting are:

  • Save the report as Draft and continue later sending the report
  • Update the report after submitting it
report anonymously

Select the Organisation Sector

Choose your Organisation sector

select sector


How do you want to report

There are 3 different ways of report:

  • Online
  • Offline
  • E5Z/E5X
select how to report

To change your selection click on the  'pencil' icon


Further explanation in 'Ways of Report > Offline' section


Further explanation in 'Ways of Report > Online' section


Further explanation in 'Ways of Report > E5X/E5Z' section