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Report an occurrence

Report an Occurrence

Help play your part in making flying safer. Report your occurrence to your competent National Aviation Authority here.

What is ECCAIRS 2?

ECCAIRS 2 is a digital platform established to assist aviation stakeholders in collecting, sharing, and analyzing their safety aviation information. ECCAIRS stands for the European Coordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems.

Why reporting is important?

Safety Reporting plays an essential role in accident prevention enabling the identification of appropriate remedial actions through the prompt analysis of safety data.

ECCAIRS Updates 

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Safety Recommendations

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What we do

The mission of ECCAIRS is to support digitally the occurrence reporting process (EU reg 376/2014) of collecting, sharing and allowing analysis of Safety Data.




Continuously collect safety information from occurrences to identfy, assess and address hazards




Integrate Member State safety information in the European Central Repository, in particular the European Central Repository for Occurrences.




Continuous monitor Safety Risk Portfolios, develop studies and provide reports about the safety of European and world-wide aviation.




Define Safety Actions, feed the European Plan for Aviation Safety and the national State Safety Plans. Monitoring safety performance.

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Safety Recommendation/year

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Occurrence Reports