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Update a Report

A User will be able to update:

  • A submitted report
  • A report saved as draft

Only registered users will be able to update Original reports. This access will be given through:

  • In the landing page, the user can select the 'View Details' option of the specific OR; or

    • report
  • the email link sent to the user


Either way, the system will navigate to the Occurrence Update page. 

A blue section displays the Report Information. Then, the User has to choose how to Update the Report

  • Offline
  • Online
  • E5X/E5Z




The system navigates to the same page as when you are reporting offline a new Occurrence, but the download button will download a Smart PDF with the information of th submitted report

download document


The system navigates to the Webform step, but the form will now be preloaded with the report information for the user to modify/update.

general information


The system navigates to the E5X step.