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E5X/E5Z (only Organisations)

The E5X/E5Z file has to be previously generated through the external system.

After selecting the 'ECCAIRS E5X/E5Z file' option, the reporter has to upload the documents. It allows the submission of multiple files.

file upload

Personal details

The ‘Personal Details’ section can be filled in, optionally by unregistered users:

  • This section will appear only if the user is not logged in.

  • It is not mandatory for them to fill them in.

personal details

Submit the Occurrence

To submit the Occurrence you have to click on the 'Submit' button located at the bottom of the page. The record will now be saved in the data base as Original Report.

You will have the option to go to the Results window. There you will see the migration status of the E5X files you uploaded.